Puppies for sale
e mail [email protected]
Brussels Griffon are cuddlers-responding well to lot s of
attention.   Their coats are slightly scruffy, easy to
maintain.  They will be small, probably about 8 to 10 #.  If
you have never considered a Brussels, you don't know
what you are missing.
He's here, and bouncing around!.he's a
happy puppy, thank you!

Ike made it to Anchorage
in good shape.  YEA !!!

Just wanted to send you some images of Mickey (Squeeky) He is such an adorable puppy,
He makes my day so much better:) Hope you like the images..

I recommended a friend to you, Hope he contact you.

Viktor Lu
Hi Pat!  We came up a few months ago after seeing the most
beautiful baby chihuahua on your website.  As soon as we
walked in the door and saw this tiny, precious baby, we fell in
love.  I wanted to send you a few pictures of our sweet baby
Isabella Mia "Bella".  She has been a busy girl, charming our
other Chi-Chi and our big Schnauzer.  Our cats even seek out
chi-chi kisses from little Bella.  She's now 22 weeks and is
just 2lbs 5oz, so litte... but strong, healthy, bright and happy!  
We are tickled pink and I think Bella likes us ok, too.
Best regards,
Paul and Sandra
From: Jan Moore
<[email protected]>
To: Pat Taylor
<[email protected]>
Sent: Sunday, June 23,
2013 4:57 PM
Subject: Tessa

Hi Pat, thought you
would like to know
Tessa is doing so great.
She is just a joy.
Everybody loves
Tessa. And she loves
everybody. In this
picture she's wearing
what I call her ferret
couture! That was the
smallest harness I
could find for a ferret.
Ha ha. When I took her
to Petsmart people
were lined up to hold
her and were taking her
picture. She is a little

She has slept all night
every night since I've
had her cuddled right
up to my neck. She eats
great,sleeps by my
desk while I'm working,
plays with her toys and
does her business in
the yard when I take her
outside every hour or
so. She walks on a
leash attached to her
harness like she's been
doing it forever. All my
neighbors now know
Tessa. She is super
friendly. So you were
right, it is a match made
in heaven I am so

Hope you're doing well
Pat. Just wanted you to
know how great things
are going.

All the best,
This is exactly what a puppy should bring to a home.  
They have the love to give, all you have to do is show
them you care and they will enrich your life every day
as long as they live.

Thanks everyone.  We are so blessed to find such
wonderful; homes for ourbabies.  We have hundreds of
e mails and I wish we could post every one of them.


Hi Pat ,Picked up Miyo
yesterday afternoon
without any  
problems.She really put
on quit a show for all
the people waiting to
pick up their dogs.The
people there couldn't
get over how beautiful
she was & made me
display her to all of
them.Some asked me
where she came from
and I proudly jotted
down for them your
kennel name &
website.Lots of good  

We couldn't get over
how healthy she she
looked and how much
energy she had even
after such  a long trip.
Last night she ate her
bowl clean and the first
thing this morning she
went right for her pee
pad like a real trooper.

This afternoon she took
a three hour nap I
believe from maybe
tired from a little jet lag.

She`s still getting
settled and I think all
will be adjusted in a
few days. Tomorrow I
will  make an
appointment for her to
see our local Vet next

One thing I have to
share with you.It seems
from the paperwork you
sent along with her that
she was born on the
very same day that my
20 yr. Old Peke
"Sophie" died. Now, is
that a coincidence or
what !   God  sure
works his magic in
many strange ways.

Thank you Pat for all
your hard work getting
"Miyo" ready,to make all
of this happen so
smoothly. I cannot
begin to tell you how
very joy you brought
me and how much I
appreciate it. Many
thanks again,    Andy

P.S. I will also post a
letter on your website
and send some pictures
of Miyo soon.
From: Stachia Davis
<[email protected]>
To: "[email protected]"
<[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, July 19, 2013 4:13 PM
Subject: Guliana

She's doing great and as happy as can be!
I'm so glad I found her. Thank you for making
my experience of buying a new puppy
pleasant and easy! Another happy customer.


I thought you might like to see what Tessa looks like at 1
year.  She is so adorable and people just flip out when I
take her places with me because she is so cute.  She is
also the friendliest Chihuahua most people have ever her
up and will kiss them - never meets a stranger.  She loves
other animals as well.  She is quite funny and makes me
laugh all the time.  When we go in the backyard she likes
to run full out and she is fast as the wind!  I could not
have a better companion and I am so thankful you had
the PERFECT little puppy for me.  She weighed 1.6
pounds when I brought her home.  Now she weighs 5
pounds but is very dainty and looks smaller than that.  
Hope you enjoy these pic's.

I hope you are doing well Pat and made it through the
miserable winter!!!!!
meets. We couldn't be happier. I thought you might like to see how happy
he is with my daughter.
Thank you and we will use you again. I just wish I could have taken yash,
too. Hope he gets a good home soon.
wanted to send you a couple of photos, we just got back from Tennessee and mimosa was a
walked at the park, and even played in the river.  traveled great and even over knighted at a  hotel.  
she kept herself busy with one of the Microtel coffee cups because I forgot to bring her toy in.
I am going to send 2 more photos too, I have to do it on  a separate email.. so expect another in a
wanted to update you on KOFI who has
a new name LOKI, And as you can see
he is fitting in quit nicely! He is FULL of
spirit and a joy to have in our home! He
goes in for his 11 week shots next
MALES DOB 5-30-14  
$350.00 EA
$550.00, YING, YAOZHI
$650.00, XIU MEI FE