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All our puppies are vet checked, micro chipped,
shots up to date and come with a written health
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Dropping you a line to let
you know what an
incredible puppy Jahna is.  
As you know she got here
in great shape and
continues to thrive.  She is
adorable, intelligent and
very well socialized. We
give you a lot of credit for
having the puppy in such
great shape.  We took her
to the vet last Tuesday and
the checkup went well.  The
vet was impressed with
your records and how well
the puppy had been
treated.  The vet said the
same thing about Jahna's
breathing.  Her nose is not
yet fully open and we will
wait to see how that
progresses.  Again, great
puppy and we are so happy
to have her.

Jim & Brenda Thompson
Here is mezmerize we call him mez for short
We love him so much

Thanks Bobby - We love the haircut and we
thank you for the pictures
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After about one half hour wining she went to sleep last night and didn't cry the rest of the night. She chose to sleep
in the pink bed rather then the crate ( I checked on her several times during the night). When I got her up this
morning and took her out she did her "duty"..(no mess in the crate overnight). She has eaten and investigated part
of the house. I am saving more for later I dont want to overwhelm her with the newness of it all. She is interested in
the cats but they are a little wary of her. Time will heal all differences I am sure...Today she meets the trainer!  I
have been feeding her the food sent along with her but this morning added a small amount of the new food 'Taste
of the Wild' to stary adapting her. She ate it all and probably wanted more but I am keeping her to 1/4cup four times
a day until she is housebroken.

Hope you all don't mind the update but this will also be a journal for us to remember her first days as a Patel!

goes to Tulsa
All of our puppies come to you vet checked, micro
chipped, shots up to date and have a written health
Most of them are registered with Continental Kennel

we can send you a short video of any puppy you are
interested in.
A Maysville family bought a new little femle Shih
Tzu yesterday and early this morning she went
missing.  They looked everywhere, call all the
vets in the area, posted signs giving a reward
and put notices on Facebook.  They were so
sad that they came back and bought Flash.
Tonight while they were playing with Flassh he
kept going over to the deepfreeze and barking.  
They finally decided to check it out and found
their baby under the freezer.  Apparently she
What do you mean, CHILD LABOR LAW?

comments = I bought a Imperial Shih Tzu puppy from Pat and I had a perfect experience.
When I picked the puppy up from the airport he was exacly as she discribed. He really
was as small and as adorable as Pat had said. He weighs exactly what Pat said she did.
He is healthy, sociable and adorable and her prices are less than others charge. my
overall experience tells me she cares about getting her puppies good homes, and not
just about the money. I would recommend Pat to anyone who's looking to purchase a
new puppy.
You can use this comment on your web page if you like.
Vet Checked - Micro Chipped -
shots up to date - and come with a
written health guarantee.

HI PAT         I hope you and your family are doing well.
I just wanted to tell you a little about how we're doing here with us in DK. Tung is doing
well he is so beautiful and lovely, he has had a long thick gorgeous coats and bow in
her hair. I've taught him to come with his toys, he loves to play also with my clothes so

Hope my husband at time will allow me to get a girl also, unfortunately he is not exactly
the idea.

Can you and your family have really good.
FROM Tung and Lone.
smart the little fella is.  When I take him outside, he does #1 followed by #2 immediately so
we can go back in.  If I can't get him outside in time, he's been going on the newspaper by
the door or the one I have down by his crate.  He comes when called and he's learned
what 'no' means - I had to teach him not to snip at me or the cat, and he doesn't do that
anymore.  He's already sitting up on his hind legs for a treat when asked to.  He gives me
doggy kisses all the time and sits in my lap whenever he can.  He is truly a joy!  His hair - I
don't know how long that takes for it to come in, but he's still too cute.  He has a sprig of
hair on his head that stands straight up like a cowlick - love it.

He sleeps through the night and I've never heard him protest at all.  He has yet to go
through the night without pottying in his crate - I suppose he is just too young.  But he's an
A+ in every other way.  Thank you so much for him.  I look forward to him being a
wonderful little healthy and happy
pictures. He is such a fun loving puppy, we all have
so much fun with him. Indeed a very good addition to
our family. I  am sure you are giving little bundles of
joy to lot of people. Thanks.

I hope all is well. I thought I would send you an update after 2 years to let you know how Yun-
Qi is doing.
First of all we changed his name to Jake. He lost most of his dark puppy color. He is 10lbs
and an alpha dog for sure. We brought another puppy (Issy) at the same time and Jake makes
sure Issy knows who is incharge  We are his people and he can communicate with us. When it’
s time to eat he barks at me and when he gets my attention he runs into the kitchen. The
same for going out, he runs to the door and for water too. He doesn’t lick to show attention
but instead he bumps your head. He likes my wife better than me and always sits in her lap.
Thank You so much for such a get puppy. Here a recent picture
JUNE 11, 1915
9-16-17 $850.00
SALE DOB 9-30-17 1
MALE , 2 FE $850.00 EA